Here we are!.

Why did we do this page? 
Just because all of us spent 2 years in this marvellous small country. We were teaching during a kind of military service. Great, no? We liked Vanuatu a lot and decided to share our passion for this country with you

Me, just before I took some weight and lost my suntan 
Christophe Furmaniak:

I'm an engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lille and I'm working on a european project called EPOCH
Me, when I was green 
PHILOU Man Lamap
Philippe Longère:

I'm studying for my thesis in the lab Traitement d'Images of Saint-Etienne. My friends call me "Man Lamap" because my wife comes from this small village of Mallicolo
Me, yes, it's really me! 
GILLOS Man Scotland
Gilles Mahout:

I'm doctor in subatomic Physics.I'm now in Birmingham. I'm working on a sub-atomic project about optical fibers, ATLAS . I hope that after that I will be able to work in CNRS.
Frank Zappa, my idol 
RICKIE Man Strasbourg
Richard Rouge:

Turn off your TV, oh, no, the better would be to throw it in the dustbin, pump up the volume of your stereo and listen to Frank Zappa!

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