Some links of sites dealing with Vanuatu, kaontri blong yumi.

Vanuatu On Line
One of the best, after ours...
Kava Bowl Forum
A South Pacific related site, in english and pidjin!
Kiaman Buluk
A good site, in english
Vanuatu- A Canadian Perspective
Stan Combs is very friendly, go visit his page.
Vanuatu Resident and former Vanuatu Resident
An email list of people in relation with Vanuatu. But don't forget to go there and to surf on the pages of Ian too, because this guy knows a lot of things about Vanuatu!
A web page in French, owned by Patrick Jenny, who is currently living in Vanuatu. It doesn't deal only with Vanuatu, but it's quite good!
The Deamers in Vanuatu
Stories of Tony Deamer on Vanuatu...
Journal du Pacifique Sud
A page in French. News from all the Pacific.
Telecom Vanuatu Limited
The website of Telecom Vanuatu Limited.
Adminet Vanuatu
Lots of informations, in english.
AFP - Vanuattu
You have to pay now!
La météo aux alentours de Vanuatu
Weather around Australia zone.
Avis, our fleet in Vanuatu
Book a car at Avis Vanuatu!
The CocoNET Wireless
Pacific realted news site.
Coconut Places at Vanuatu
Links and facts about Vanuatu
Les élections à Vanuatu
If you want to learn something about politics in Vanuatu.
Handilinks To Vanuattu
Some links
Vanuatu-Nation of the Commonwealth
Lot of stuff about Vanuatu
NSRC Vanuatu
Le Network Startup Ressource Center.
South West Pacific GPS Data Collection
Personnal home page....
ORSTOM - Page sur Tanna
ORSTOM page about volcanos in Vanuatu, in french.
Vanuatu South Pacific
Hideaway Island Resort
Vanuatu-Maps and Facts
Everything is in the title
A bibliography of Melanesian English Pidjin Dictionnaries
List of books dealing with pidjin, and of course bislama
ftp search results
Awfull to read, but maybe you coud find something interesting for you...

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