Port Vila

Port-Vila : a small Paris in the Pacific. Night Clubs, pubs, lots of shops, high standing hotels. And when the night comes, everything can happen! If you go to L'Houstalet, say hello to Clement for us, if you go to the Safari, kiss Anna for me, if you go to the Office, enjoy the best pool table and don't forget to visit the Meridien Hotel and Mark Lowen (the webmaster of Vanuatu OnLine) at Le Lagon Park Royal, close to the Erakor island free ferry.

Gilles' tip for bicycle in Efate:
First trip: the Lololima waterfall
Park the car just before the canadian barrier, on the road to the Montmartre school. Take the small road that goes down on your left. Just after the small (very small) bridge, turn right. When you see a small road that goes left, handle your bike and walk till you reached the waterfall. If you are really crazy try to do it by bike!
Enjoy the waterfall and its blue hole, and prepare yourself for the way back!
Take the track that goes up (the opposite way you came from). Don't forget to visit the small cave. When the track comes flat again, enjoy it. Go till a stony path and turn right till a barrier. Climb or jump over it :-) and turn right. Ride till a cross road and don't forget to turn right again, then you will see your car (I hope so!). Take care to the wild cows while you go back to town and enjoy the view on your right at Bellevue.

Some pictures...

Iririki island and its hotel, in the Port-Vila bay.
The market by night.
The First Lagoon at the dawn.
Coconut tree's trunks like you've never seen them!
The Club Med II, a french boat with its french tourists. Not really better than the australian ones, but the boat is nicer than the Fairstar, isn't it?
One shell of 100 to the one who can tell me the name of this nakamal...
Show off guys are everywhere!
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