The isand of Efate is located in the center of the archipelago, in the SHEFA province. The capital of Vanuatu,Port-Vila is the main city of this island. That's why Efate is the main island for ...the concentration of cars, people, high prices and tourist traps. You have to know that going round the island is not the main attraction, don't forget lost beaches and waterfalls...

Map of Efaté

Some pictures...

Mélé waterfall.
Sunset on the open sea.
Some student of Lycée Bougainville playing football at White Sands beach.
The students, always ready for a photo!
Eton Beach. One of the most fantastic place to see.
Just a tree on the beach. So simple, so nice.
A coconut tree under the deep blue sky of the Pacific.
Canoes on the sea.
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