The island of Tanna is located in the south of the archipelago, in the TAFEA province. The heart of this island is the Yasur volcano, one of the most accessible volcano in activity in the world, even if you do have to take care. This volcano is the main point that rules the life and the custom of Tanna. Tanna is also the main place for the John Frum Cult.

The map of Tanna

Some pictures...

Yasur de nuit Yasur by night.
Plaine de cendres When you are down in the cender valley, that's what you can see.
Yasur de nuit Hot water springs
Plaine de cendres The duguong (also called the Cow Fish), at Port Résolution, another paradise place to stay far from civilisation.
Plaine de cendres One of the craters.
Yasur de nuit The Port-Resolution Bay. Wonderfull, isn't it?
Plaine de cendres The Yasur in activity.
Yasur de nuit Black Sands beach.
Plaine de cendres When you are near the crater and you look at the cender valley.
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