Esperitu Santo

The island of Esperitu Santo is located in the North of the archipelago, in the SANMA province. The island, and especially the main town, Luganville, was an american military place during WW II. If you go there, you'll be able to dive on one of the most famous wrecks, the President Coolidge. The desert and golden beaches are the perfect place to rest and enjoy the quietness of the country.

The Esperitu Santo Map

Some pictures...

ForÍt Vierge In the middle of the island.
Port Olry The beach of Port-Olry.
Port Olry Luganville, the main street, under a grey sky.
Port Olry Still in the middle-bush.
Golden Beach Guess why this beach is called "Golden Beach"!
Blue Hole One of the famous "Blue Holes" that you can find all around the island.
Blue Hole Port-Olry.
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