The island of Pentecôte is located in the middle of the archipelago, in the Penama province. This island is really hilly, roads are high so that you can enjoy a good view of the sea. This island is one of the nicest. Former Prime Minister Maxime Carlot Korman claimed that the Benji jumping has been invented there, according to the Gol Legend. Every year, custom Gol jumps are organised (by Tour Operators also...). If you are in Vanuatu at the good period, don't miss them!

The Map of Pentecôte

Some pictures...

Gaul Jump Up on the tower, before the jump...
gaul Jump A jump!
Pentecost house A typical house in a village.
gaul Jump The "landing" can be hard!
gaul Jump Somebody wants to try?
Typical houses Some typical houses again.
Village in the bush A village, in the middle of the bush.
Custom Chiefs Custom chiefs.
3rd kind The bush-men and the helicopter...
Small boy What a lovely kid
Kustom dances of course, they can dance!
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