The island of Mallicolo (or Malekula) is located in the center of the archipelago, in the Malampa province (Mallicolo, Ambrym, Paama).
This is the second island of the country by its area. The custom is still strongly present , especially with the Small Nambas, North, and the Big Nambas, South.
There are two main towns, Lamap (french speaking) in the south and Norsup (english speaking) in the north.

During the period of the condominium, Lamap was the Headquarter of the french delegation. That's why you can still see vestiges of french buildings of this period. If you go there, don't hesitate to ask for the two co-chiefs of Lamap, they are very good friends of some of us...
The place called South West Bay is well known fot its, too rare, custom dances.

The Map of Mallicolo

Some pictures...

Jeune Guerrier A small warrior of South West Bay in his suit.
Danse Coutumière Custom Dances at South West Bay.
Cochon sauvage Just a pig, as you will see plenty of them, close to the villages.
four a copra A Copra Oven, hand- builded!
Ballade dans le Bush sur l'ilot de Sakau The begining of the bush, close to the only village of the small island of Sakau, south of Mallicolo.
Sakau vu du bateau Sakau coast, from our sailing boat.
Des habitants de Sakau Some kids of Sakau, afraid but proud too.
Des enfants de Sakau sur la plage Some more kids.
Sakau, vu du bateau Sakau from the boat.
Rires d'enfants de Sakau Kids and a well known french Tourist (actually, me, CF)
Further and further from the village.
A very nice small girl, isn't she?
Custom dances at South West Bay.
Head of Tam Tam of Mallicolo.
Near Norsup.
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