The island of Ambrym is located in the center of the archipelago, in the Malampa province. This island is well known for its black magic. Actually, people of Malekula say that all the magic from Ambrym comes from their island. But maybe the truth is elsewhere... With some friends of ours, we were supposed to have a sample of this magic, but the the magicians never came. Maybe they prefered the magic of alcohol better than the magic of their stones...

Map of Ambrym

Some pictures...

Ambrym Volcano The volcano, hide by the clouds and the rain.
Volcan d'Ambrym Smoke on the crater.
vers le volcan d'Ambrym Climbing the hill in the bush, on the road to the volcano.
Ambrym Volcano The cender valley.
Ambrym Volcano What's this stuff? Just rice, I swear.
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